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Roberto Carluzzo, a seasoned professional with a rich tapestry of experiences and education that spans the globe. Growing up in the international small town of Portofino, Italy, he honed his skills at the prestigious Instituto Leonardo da Vinci in Lugano, Switzerland, and mastered theater in Milan. A passion for linguistics led him to Cambridge, UK, where he delved into language studies.

Taking a bold leap of faith, Roberto relocated to Cape Town, South Africa, where he ventured into the world of business by opening Palma, a sophisticated restaurant catering to Cape Town's opulence. His extensive travels allowed him to appreciate the purity and diversity of various cultures, nurturing his global mindset.

Enamored by the cosmopolitan energy of South Florida during a vacation, he decided to call it his new home. Embracing the Real Estate industry, Roberto finds joy in being part of his client's journey to find that special property they can call "home." With meticulous research on neighborhoods, safety aspects, and community affairs, he envisions a future home that offers peace of mind.



Roberto's life has been an extraordinary journey shaped by diverse experiences and a passion for excellence. Born and raised in the enchanting small town of Portofino, Italy, he was exposed to a rich international atmosphere from an early age.  Embracing the arts, Roberto immersed himself in the world of theater during his years in Milan, Italy, honing his creativity and deepening his understanding of human expression. His fascination with languages and communication led him to Cambridge, UK, where he embarked on language studies, adding yet another dimension to his growing expertise.

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An experienced professional with a diverse background in education and experience, Roberto Carluzzo. He was raised in the multicultural tiny town of Portofino, Italy, and studied theatre in Milan before honing his craft at the famed Instituto Leonardo da Vinci in Lugano, Switzerland. He travelled to Cambridge, England, to pursue his love of languages there.

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Roberto's expertise in global marketing strategies, international connections, and lifetime relationships make him an invaluable asset in the world of Real Estate. If you're seeking a trustworthy and dedicated REALTOR® to guide you on your property journey, look no further than Roberto. Contact him today and embark on a delightful real estate experience.